Looking for a way to slingshot your writing to the next level? Advanced Story Crafting is geared toward seeing your work in print—finished and polished. Whether your interest is in mystery, romance, historical, mainstream, or speculative fiction, you will learn advanced story crafting techniques and how to make your writing stand apart in the literary marketplace.

The following, as well as other writing related and story crafting subjects, will be discussed in all classes:
Immersive scene setting * Action-oriented writing * Well-defined point of view (POV) * Suspense generating writing * Flowing choreography * Limiting backstory * Sustained world building * Characterization * Providing reason * Maintaining a theme * Maintaining a tone * Proper responses of characters * Defining the wants of characters * Exposing the needs of characters * Providing opposing wants * Completing our character’s arc * Well-developed narrative voice * Balanced narration, dialogue, and description * Foreshadowing * Well-placed hooks * Believable dialogue * Showing versus telling * Metaphor and similes * Spelling and grammar * Sentence structure * Repetitive words * The story’s payoff

Students are encouraged to bring their own writing projects in progress. The curriculum will be adapted per class to best meet the students’ educational needs.