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Unified Technologies LLC. provides a full range of internet marketing and technical services to help create and fulfill a comprehensive 21st century business strategy. We know your business is unique in many ways, so we offer a suite of service-oriented products adaptable to your needs.

These solutions include, but are not limited to:
Social Media & Online Advertising Strategy

Establishing a presence on social media channels in accordance with a comprehensive plan is paramount to gaining exposure and allows a business to provide extra value to your brand’s audience. Besides adding many customer contact points, social media is key to building lasting relationships with loyal customers…

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We will review and assess content-based, community-based, and objective-based strategies for your company and create a project outline for each. We will evaluate leading online advertising platforms and establish responsibility for the management of both automatic and organic posting per each channel.

All media, pages, and groups will be oriented toward the company’s social media and online advertising strategy.

This product will include exposure with the following social media networks:

5 curated posts to the following social media networks each week:

A customized automated direct Twitter message in response to a follow

Creation of a one-click email list subscription solution for Twitter (perfect for growing your company’s email list for drip marketing purposes)

5 tweets of one-click email list signup post per week

1 custom article/blog posts in line with the company’s brand and objectives to be posted on the following social media networks each month:

1 brand-related engaging post to the following social media networks each week*:

*Includes posts to newly created groups on the following social media networks:

Main objective: To maximize the reach and exposure of your company by utilizing 21st century means. Create a “best of group” brand approach through customer-valued content and online communities.

Expanded Content

Possible content may include:

  • News and opinion articles
  • Product related summaries and reviews
  • Conference reports
  • Newsletter archives
  • Infographics
  • MEMEs
  • Videos
Multimedia Content

Media offerings can be expanded with video and audio content. Unified Technologies LLC. offers multimedia production services and set up for hosting and promoting the content. Additional work may be required for these solutions and depending on the agreed upon arrangement may be out of the scope of this product. Multimedia products may be offered free, or sold by subscription or pay-per-view by your company.

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Software & Process Flow Implementation

Whether assessing Supply Chain, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning or your overall web presence including branding consistency, social media channels and messaging, our aim is the creation of a cost-evaluated, streamlined process for your company.
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Because there is a technical element to nearly every business process today, Unified Technologies LLC. provides an individualized automation checklist for core systems. This report ensures whatever solutions we provide are designed within the context of your overall goals.
Let us help you decide on and implement cutting edge software to help productivity and help your employees focus on what they do best.

Main objective: To provide all your company with complete and up-to-date information when securing a new technology system.

Public Relations Initiative

A campaign will be established to focus attention on the generosity and “giving back to the community” nature of your company. This product may include teaming up with charities in conjunction with a (potentially ongoing) donations drive. Customers will be directed to an extension of your website highlighting your company’s continued support of the community.

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Time will be given to the collection and continued creation of print, photos, audio, and video to support this function.

Main objective: Highlight the ways in which your company continues to achieve the highest ethical standards and is trusted in your industry. Help establish inroads with participating charity partners.

Customer Contact Strategy

Ensure the best customer relationship possible. The aim of this product is to establish a “go to” point for customers to file complaints and have problems resolved in a timely manner. This initiative will include clear directions/incentives for customers to leave favorable reviews as well as an internal escalation protocol for complaints.
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One or more company representatives will be made available to field incoming concerns.
New processes will be established for in-house or external resources for ongoing online review maintenance.
This solution will include a flowchart detailing the new process and installation of any software to achieve the main objective.

Main objective: To ensure the best customer relationship possible. Create a preemptive path for both complaint resolution and favorable review generation.

Mobile Application Development

Today’s high-preforming companies augment your day-to-day life with mobile applications. They use these helpful devices to stay “top of mind” in meaningful ways and further brand recognition. Unified Technologies LLC. will align your business with the application user’s goals to create one of the strongest customer retainers to date, build traffic, and establish an unparalleled sales platform.
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Main objective: Maximize the revenue channel and branding superiority of a custom-tailored mobile application by meeting the needs of your customer.







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Since 1996, Christopher Hawke has utilized the latest in information technologies, design, and marketing to ensure the success of companies. His understanding of diverse technical and creative project requirements makes him a well-rounded and effective leader. He has a heart for teaching entrepreneurial skills to both groups and individuals. He is currently working on his third novel and co-owns Community Authors an A to Z author services company.

He has worked extensively in the following fields:
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With an impressive bibliography in an array of genres, USA Today bestselling author Traci Hall has garnered a notable fan base. She pens stories guaranteed to touch the heart while transporting the reader to another time and place. Her belief in happily ever after shines through, whether it’s a romantic glimpse into history or a love affair for today.

Since 1995, when her first short children’s story won a People’s Choice Award in Hob Nob Magazine, Traci Hall has crossed genres to write. She co-authored a non-fiction book with Rhonda Pollero titled Adoption is Forever, which garnered her a spot on Fox and Friends and was included in a “Fifty Great Writer’s You Should Be Reading” anthology, as well as a horror anthology with Heather Graham.

She’s taught workshops from world building to marketing, been president of Florida Romance Writers, and is constantly learning/sharing what’s new in the publishing world with others.

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From his years of experience as an Information Technology Manager, as well as delivering hands on solutions for numerous companies, Torrey Rozycki provides a balance between practical solutions and personalities. His infrastructure and sales conversions have generated increases from $20k to over $1 million in monthly sales. Torrey Rozycki brings a unique blend of sales, marketing, communication, and entrepreneurial skills to the projects he takes on.








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